Saturday, August 27, 2011

On-farm Residences

Google SketchUp is such a useful tool to plan and visualise the garden set-up around the residence. Bits and pieces were added to the model over time, to fine tune their dimensions and placement etc.

I've toyed with the concept of blending aquaphonics to the garden setting over the past weeks. Idea is to waters the plant wall and vegies from the fish pond.

The other challenge is to blend function with aesthetic, like having a "Fibonacci Spiral" for my vegie plots rather than rectangular.

Think the "tunnel walkway" better serves as shaded car park with climbing vegie such as bitter gourd. Rotating the model to get another perspective...

With all the essential infra-structures in place, I have also conceptualized how the farm would accomodate a few more residences in future. This is how it would be like...

Sunday, July 31, 2011

A lazy Sunday morning

What else better to do than to laze in bed on a wet Sunday morning, until someone called me out.. It was Chang Noi seeking permission to fish. He is back to build a new bird house nearby and extends him an open invitation to fish at my farm.

He is not alone but with his gang of workers. All ready with their nets and gears.

It was interesting to watch their team work in action. First several nets were set up at various strategic spots. Then the men went in to waist deep water and rattled the water below surface with a bamboo mounted clapper. Frightened fishes dashed about and got trapped by the nets.

Simple strategy that works.. doesn't take long to haul up the catches.

The Tilapia fries released last year have grown to adult size.

It's more fun catching your diner than buying from the market.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bird House as seen on Google Earth!

A friend just informed that my bird house can now be seen on Google Earth.

Well, that's nice to know and a quick check on it.

The image was dated on 22nd May 2010, not long after construction was completed.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some New Companions

I were not alone making the best out of the living space.

What has become of my security light! Just before wiring is completed & without the glass shade in place, some little birds worked faster than me!

These are the new residents. It was simply amusing to watch them shuttling back and forth picking straws and beat me to it. Accept them as my new companions, what else can I do?

Yes, I have a 'birdie' tap to match. How about that?

Entrance to their 'apartment'

At the back yard, a new colony of weaver birds chose to be neighbours too. 3 nests are getting into shape.

The greenish tint shows fresh straws being used.

Viewing them from the living room and...

... through the bath window too.

The two higher nests are well camouflage by the foliage. Oops.. the window pane needs cleaning.

While a full view to the third nest.

So close to view, I watch their building progress daily and learn a bit more about their behavior. Their preferred nesting spots are over water providing security to safeguard their young.

An Awesome Day

The view to wake up to each morning - overlooking the garden pond and the simple pleasure feeding the Kois in there.

Presence of wood is prominent in my living space.

Change of weather invoked a sense of awe with an approaching storm.

Ripples broke the calm of pond as forces of nature unleashed itself.

An illusion of the tree growing out of the fountain pot.

Everything faded into a blury shade when rains arrived finally.. it's simply awesome to experience it all in solitute here!

New Gates

The entrance gates fell apart recently due to inadequate voltage leading to weak welding joints. Electrical overloading often results in 10% drop to incoming mains voltage. The 800m long electric line into the farm adds further to the problem. So it is only a matter of time.

The main entrance being fixed once and for all with an auto gate along with side walls.

Just a bit more concrete to cover the guide rail.

A second swing gate to fix as well.

Leaving the gates open for days was invitation to grazing cows.

One entry led to the entire herd..

It's OK and I don't mind.. they did left some cow dungs behind as fertilizers.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An Open Garden

I am pretty much settled-in by now, though there are still plenty bit and pieces around to fix.

Got to move onto the garden next. The idea is to blend in with wide open space around. Not an easy task for me with little experience.

Not one with green fingers, I do enjoy putting various ideas together. Progress was often interrupted by the weather lately. I am not complaining as change of ambience with rains is very pleasant too.

A couple more ideas cropped up along the way, adding a "Tunnel walkway" towards the house seem a pretty cool idea!

Completed the flowers bed today and wonderful sunset view from here.. err.. just no today!

With the flowers in should be charming.

This pair of Goldfishes was chosen by my daughter, quite appropriate to fix it close to the fish pond.